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  • Our vision


    B4B focuses on bringing the right people together at dozens of events throughout the year and providing resources that create lasting relationships, insights, and experiences. At our events, we aim to offer ideas and inspiration that help push our team members further and strive for greater and more meaningful accomplishments. We tap into the potential of our community and its people, creating experiences throughout the year that are unique, impactful, empowering, and exciting.

    Make an Impact, Become Involved, Immerse Yourself

    About Us | Business 4 Business Professional Society

      Gain insights and learn from some of the top business and civic leaders during our monthly “B4B Presents” speaker events.

        • Network with driven, successful, community-minded people who can enhance your personal and professional life.
        • Attend in-depth development workshops where you will hone your skills, share ideas, and put improvement plans in motion.
        • Be involved with organized efforts to learn about, support, and get involved with local non-profit organizations.
        • Experience a variety of events throughout the city, from celebratory galas to unique happy hours.
        • Make inspiring and supportive friends for life.
      • Meet Our Leadership Team

        Our omni-talented team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication.

        Michelle Schrage

        President & Co-Founder

        Jay Miralles

        Chief Innovation Officer Co-Founder

        Tricia Danielsen

        Director Of Events

        Aileen Beyer

        Director of Membership

        Kristi Andersen

        Director of Communications and Public Relations

        Keia Jensen

        Director of First Impressions

        Carole Sprunk

        Director of Philanthropy

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