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Business4Business FAQs

By simply showing up! Everyone is welcome to attend B4B events throughout the year. Pre-registration for the events is preferred, as we do sometimes reach capacity, and the entrance fee per event varies depending on the type of event we are hosting. You can either pick and choose which events you would like to attend and pay individually, or, if you are like many of our guests and want to come to several events, your best bet may be to purchase an All Access Pass!

The mission of Business4Business is to bring together driven professionals who want to better themselves, better others, and make a difference in the community. Therefore, we aim to attract those who “opt in” on their own accord and make the commitment to attend and/or join our events. In order to fulfill our mission, we do not offer a corporate discount for multiple employees. We love when companies invest in their team members, but we want to be the organization where team members invest in themselves.

We aim to offer a lot of benefit to non-profits, specifically those who are locally-based and have a local impact. In order to maintain our mission of bringing driven and giving professional together, we focus on the person, not just the profession. Therefore, we do not typically offer discounts to those who work for a non-profit organization; however, some events that are held with the purpose of showcasing and highlighting non-profits will warrant non-profit discounts. It’s more of an exception than a rule.

Simply let us know! We like to say that B4B members and guests can and should be wonderful ambassadors for the incredible non-profits throughout the city. One of the best ways for us to get to know the mission and vision of your non-profit is to take a tour! Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to coordinate.

We love collaboration and getting new ideas!Iif you have an idea for a venue where we should host an event, we’d appreciate hearing about it. Send us an email at [email protected] and tell us about your location. B4B aims to host events at venues that are: new, unique, renovated, and/or exclusive.

We are always looking for dynamic speakers to share their wisdom and inspiration! If you have an idea for someone who has a wonderful story and/or message to share, send us an email at [email protected] Please provide as much information about the speaker as possible. We typically have three types of presenters – 1. Teacher, 2. Teller, 3. Facilitator. A Teacher is an expert in their field and can provide valuable insights, education, and learning lessons. A Teller is someone who has accomplished great achievements and can share their experiences. A Facilitator is someone who can roll up their sleeves, and lead everyone in an interactive workshop.

In January 2016, we made a big change to our Society. For our first two years, we were membership-based, and catered all of our programming just to members. However, we attract busy professionals who cannot always attend all of the programming events we host. We learned that people would rather have ACCESS to events, instead of an obligation to attend events. Therefore, we switched over to Attendees and Pass Holders. Our Pass Holders (or Members), attend events regularly, yet we always have lots and lots of wonderful guests.

No, we do not limit anyone from attending our events based on career, profession, or industry. We want driven and giving people who want to better themselves, better others, and make a difference.

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